Meet Vanessa

Humble Beginnings and Hard Work

My career in Digital Marketing began in 2010 when I was given a promotion at a start-up brick-and-mortar business I was working at. The new role of ‘manager’ at the company had me wearing many hats and ultimately left me in charge of bringing new customers through the door. The only tools I knew of to accomplish this task were digital and they worked remarkably well. What’s more, I loved the process of researching, executing and analyzing the incoming data to better refine the digital strategies I had conceptualized. While still completing my honors degree at university and working part-time as a manager I realized I could use the skills I had developed to help other businesses that needed to attract new customers – so I started picking up freelance contracts. The more I learned, and the more experience I garnered utilizing these digital strategies in different industries, for different companies,  the better the performance I could deliver to my clients. The process of researching, executing, analyzing and refining in the pursuit of the best metrics possible is one of the main things I love about what I do to this day.

A Different Kind of Digital Marketing Consultant

Over the years of working my way up from a part-time freelancer to a full-time consultant, I navigated and experienced every corner of the digital marketing industry. I witnessed first-hand the benefits and downfalls of different business structures. I watched digital marketing agencies brand themselves in particular ways to achieve a particular reputation. I watched digital design agencies pivot to offer marketing services when they identified there was demand for them among their clients. I had the opportunity to watch digital marketing salesmen close large contracts which were then outsourced to sub-contractors. Throughout all this time spent watching, my hands were always on the cold-hard metrics, and my eyes stayed firmly focused on the return-on-investment the client was getting from these different types of digital marketing service providers. After years of watching and learning I knew what kind of digital marketing service provider I wanted to be. Today, I work to prioritize transparency, open-communication and accountability between my clients and myself. I work to educate my clients about digital marketing and to help them achieve self-sufficiency where possible. My passion is for helping businesses bring in more revenue and my skills in digital marketing and business development help me do just that.

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Vanessa is a Proud Small Business BC Seminar Speaker. Contact me for information on my next seminar with SBBC.